How to Make Automobile Torsion Bar Spring

日期:2022/12/9 23:19:47 阅读:8

Torsion Bar Spring

Torsion bar spring is a kind of elastic element which uses the torsion deformation of torsion bar to act. It is widely used in the suspension systems of light vehicles, cars and off-road vehicles.

The sectional shapes of the torsion bar of the torsion bar spring include circle, hollow circle, rectangle, combined type, etc. Among them, the circular torsion bar is widely used because of its simple structure and convenient manufacturing.

During the design and manufacture of automobile torsion bar spring, the torsion bar material shall have the following characteristics:

Torsion Bar Spring
1. The torsion bar spring has good heat treatment hardenability, which is required to ensure the hardening depth of the torsion bar

2. The torsion bar has stable chemical composition and mechanical properties. Chemical composition and mechanical properties will affect the technological process of the torsion bar, such as heat treatment and pre torsion, thus affecting the quality, performance and service life of the torsion bar.

3. In order to reduce the cost of torsion bar materials, some research institutions and manufacturers have made substantial progress in replacing high-quality alloy spring steel with ordinary structural steel in recent years, which will help to reduce the cost of materials.