Torsion bar design is a reference

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Torsion bar design is a reference: American Manual on design and Manufacture of Torsion Bar Springs

1. The torsion bar spring bears the impact variable torsion load when working, so its material must be selected with high strength Alloy steel with good yield limit and high fatigue limit must be ordered with special requirements for material macrostructure and delivery state. 
Good performance and strength can ensure the strength and forming requirements of parts;
2. At present, the design and calculation of torsion bar in China are designed and manufactured by referring to the manual on design and manufacture of torsion bar springs in the United States.

Torsion Bar Springs 3. The head spline part shall be manufactured according to the national standard GB / T 3478.4-1995.

4. The torsion bar shall be quenched by medium frequency induction heating for heat treatment. 
The surface hardness shall be hrc50-55 and the core hardness shall be Hrc20-28, medium frequency quenching is not allowed within the range of 0-5mm at both ends of the rod.
5. Decarburization layer no more than 0.10mm is allowed on all surfaces of torsion bar.
6. The surface of torsion bar shall be smooth and generally free of crack, dent, scratch and other mechanical damage.
7. The torsion bar shall be subject to 100% magnetic flaw detection, and no crack, interlayer, circumferential hairline and other defects are allowed.